The Greens at Lima Convalescent Home

Introducing The Greens at Lima Convalescent Home
Designed for Elders by The Green House Project ®

Under Construction at the Lima Convalescent Home Campus

The Greens at LCH Will Change the Culture of Nursing Home Care

At Lima Convalescent Home we are introducing a new concept in long term care with 2 brand new family~style homes currently under construction. We have partnered with a company called The Green House Project ® . They have been successfully designing similar homes for Elders in other communities for over 15 years. We have visited Green House designed homes and know they are perfect for our community.

• Residents of The Greens at LCH will be referred to as “elders” as a sign of respect. Our elders will enjoy the best quality of life in a loving and beautiful home environment.

• Our attractive individual homes are specially designed to provide elders with dignity, choice and a meaningful life. Two homes are currently under construction on the Lima Convalescent Home campus.

• Each home will include 12 private rooms, each with a private bathroom. The size of each home is approximately 9,000 square feet and will feature a common area, dining room, large open kitchen, spa, beauty shop, den and plenty of space for outdoor activities and enjoyment.

• The Greens at LCH is specially designed to transform the institutional nursing facility into a small, residential environment. Elders will share meals prepared right in their own dining area and have a choice about when they want to eat.

• The private bedrooms are situated around common areas. There are no long hallways, no med carts and no nurses stations. Each room includes a locked cabinet where the elders own meds are kept.

• Individual needs and likes of our elders are met because each one is well known by the staff and valued as a resourceful person.

• The staff of each home will be an experienced and self-managed team. They are licensed to provide the greatest health care and cognitive needs. They also give personal care, prepare and serve meals, and perform housekeeping and laundry duties.

• It has been proven that in this type of home setting, elders maintain self-care abilities longer with fewer elders experiencing depression or a decline in daily living activities.

The Greens THE NEED

In recent years our board of trustees has been very active in studying the needs and future desires of our residents. The fact is, we need more private rooms with private baths to better serve our community. “The Greens at LCH” will provide that and more. It will allow us to offer our elders more choices and exceptional care at every level. These photos were taken at other Green House designed homes. The Greens at LCH will be very similar.

The Greens - Inside



The individual needs of our Elders will be met because each person is well known and valued as a creative, resourceful and whole person. Everyday tasks, personal care, bathing and mealtime are seen as opportunities to support each other in decision making and meaningful engagement. People know each other like family.


The Greens - Inside


The staff of each home is empowered to care for everyone in a loving manner providing each elder with a meaningful life. Our residents will be referred to as “Elders” as a sign of respect. The staff will be specially trained to provide care, maintain a clean home and cook for the elders. Elders may assist with meal planning, cooking, light housekeeping, laundry, whatever they like to do, or just relax and enjoy life. Activities of personal interest are planned by the elders and staff. There is a strong sense of community and ownership, much like we experience in our own homes.

The Greens

“The Greens at LCH” really de-institutionalizes the traditional skilled nursing home by creating a warm, inviting community focused solely on the needs of our elders. Safety features are state of the art including automatic lifts in each room. The Greens will continue to offer care to the Medicaid and Medicare population.



The Greens at LCH is part of a real neighborhood!

The Greens - Outside

A view of the back of The Greens at Lima Convalescent Home campus. This area will provide lots of wonderful outdoor space to be enjoyed by our elders and their families.

The Greens- InsideTHE DESIGN

Each house will contain 12 private rooms each with a private bath. The bedrooms will surround an open hearth where socialization can occur. Just off the hearth will be a dining space and kitchen area where elders can experience the joy and fellowship associated with meal preparation and dining with friends. Gathering around the fireplace will add warmth and enjoyment for our elders.




The Greens at LCH is designed to transform the institutional nursing facility into a small residential environment that is home to 24 elders. Elders experience improvement in dignity, privacy, meaningful activity, relationships, individuality and emotional well-being.

The Greens at LCH, for a Meaningful Life
The Greens - for a meaningful life 

“The Greens at LCH” will be the first individual homes for elders in Lima
designed by The Green House Project ®, opening in 2019.

The Greens Construction Update – April 2019

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Our goal is to raise $4.5 million dollars during our Capital Campaign which will include The Greens at LCH and renovation of our current facilities. The Lima Convalescent Home Foundation is a non profit 501(c)3 and your gift will be tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.


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